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What are the requirements for stainless steel pipes for bathroom use?

The stainless steel pipe installed in the bathroom will have some requirements on material selection, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc. So what are the quality requirements for these stainless steel pipes? 1. Selection of raw materials According to the provisions of JG/T 427-2014, the stainless steel pipe materials should be 06Cr19Ni10 (S30408), 022Cr19Ni10 (S30403), 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 […]

How much is a kilogram of titanium alloy?

Titanium was originally 300,000 tons, but due to excess production in China, it was about 40,000 tons, which is 20 per kilogram! Titanium is not very valuable, but there must be a huge disparity in the price of different types of titanium alloys. A titanium alloy screw-in Bugatti is worth $50, so the nuclear price […]

Learn about the classification of stainless steel sheets

What are the classifications of stainless steel sheets? Today I will give you the answers one by one. Stainless steel plates are classified according to different standards: according to thickness: can be divided into thin plates (0.2mm-4mm), medium plates (4mm-20mm), thick plates (20mm-60mm), extra-thick plates (60-115mm) ). According to the production method, it can be […]

Brief Analysis of Important Components in Titanium Pipes

Let’s analyze the working conditions of titanium fittings: Titanium pipelines mainly transport corrosive and dangerous mediums. When the medium with corrosive medium passes through titanium pipe fittings, the medium has some pressure, and the bearing pressure of each pipe fitting is different. Three commonly used pipe fittings (elbow, tee, reducer) are analyzed: 1. Reducer: The […]

Matters needing attention in titanium alloy processing

Pressure machining of titanium alloys is more similar to steel machining than to non-ferrous metals and alloys. Many process parameters of titanium alloys in forging, volume stamping and sheet stamping are close to those in steel processing. But there are some important features that must be paid attention to when press working Chin and Chin […]

Hastelloy C22 Welded Tube order is ready for shipping

Through 30 days hard work, finally, we successfully delivered 2 pieces ∅239.6x8x4000mm welded Hastelloy C22 Tubes. Standard: ASTM B626/B619, Grade: UNS N06022/C22. They will be shipped by sea to our French customer. Hereby I am sharing some photos with you: Tube Wall Thickness Measurement: Tube OD Measurement: PMI TEST: Tube surface: If you have RFQs […]