UNS S32615 Stainless Steel

UNS S32615 is a type of high silicon containing acid-resistant austenitic stainless steel, it is chosen exclusively for use in concentrated sulphuric acid. (H2SO4). It has excellent corrosion resistance over a wide concentration range at high temperatures. It has significant advantages over other alloys and traditional materials like cast iron, including superior equipment lifetime, low maintenance requirements, and ease of fabrication.

UNS S32615 Benefits:
• Excellent corrosion resistance over a wide concentration range
• Superior equipment lifespan and minimal maintenance
• Clean acid-free from corrosion products
• Lightweight speeds up installation and reduces the need for foundation work

UNS S32615 Plate Size:

Standard: ASTM A240/A240M, ASTM A480/480M

Grade: UNS S32615

Density: 7.98 x 103 Kg/m3

Width: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm

Length: 2438mm, 3000mm, 6000mm, 8000mm, 12000mm

Thickness: 0.3 – 50mm

Manufacturing Process: Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

Surface finish: No.1, 2B

UNS S32615 Chemical Composition by mass%:

C Si
Mn P S Cr
Ni Mo Cu
≤0.025 5.00 0.50 ≤0.045 ≤0.030 16.50-19.50 19.00-22.00 0.30-1.50 2.00


UNS S32615 Mechanical Properties (At the temperature of 20℃ / 68℉):

Proof Yield Strength
Tensile Strength Elongation Hardness
Rp0.2 Rp1.0 Rm A (GL=2″) HRB
MPa (ksi) MPa (ksi) MPa (ksi) %
≥220 (32) ≥250 (36) ≥550 (80) ≥25 ≤90

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2
a) Rp0.2 and Rp1.0 correspond to 0.2% offset and 1.0% offset yield strength, respectively.
b) Based on L0 = 5.65 √S0 where L0 is the original gauge length and S0 is the original cross-sectional area.


UNS S32615 is particularly recommended for highly concentrated sulfuric or nitric service. Very low corrosion rates are measured on UNS S32615 base material and GTAW (TIG) welded samples in these two media. The corrosion rates are far below the commonly used 0.1 mm/yr threshold. Please consult for results with impurities (chlorides, fluorides, …). UNS S32615 is not recommended for weak acids or oleum.


UNS S32615 sulfuric acid steel is particularly suitable for use in the following applications:

• Sulfuric acid absorption towers and pump tanks
• Sulfuric acid coolers
• Sulfuric acid pipes and fittings
• Sulfuric acid pipe and trough distributors
• Sulfuric acid strainers, mesh pads, inserts, thimbles, etc.
• Sulfuric acid welding materials
• Nitric acid tanks, pipes, and condensers