UNS S38815 Stainless Steel

UNS S38815 is a high silicon containing austenitic stainless steel resistant to concentrated sulfuric acid corrosion.

Material Category:

14Cr-16Ni-6Si-1Mo-1Cu Austenitic Stainless Steel


Production specification

Pipe: OD 10 – 323.9mm WT: 1 – 25mm

Tube: OD 10 – 177.8mm WT: 1 – 20mm

Plate: 500-1500mm x 2438mm/3000mm/6000mm x 1  – 20mm


Product Description

The alloy is usually produced by AOD/VOD/VIM, followed by Electroslag Refining (ESR)/VAR if required for special purposes. Bars and forgings need to be ultrasonically inspected according to different grades at the buyer’s request.

Bars are usually black/bright white in a softened state.
Final heat treatment: Solution Treatment/QT

Material Specifications
ASTM A959, A276, A312, A213, A632, A176, A580

Chemical Composition

Grade Fe, % Si, % Mn, % Cr, % Cu, % Ni, % P, % C, % S, % Mo, % N, %
UNS S38815 56.16–65.1 5.5–6.5 < 2 13–15 0.5–1.5 15–17 < 0.04 < 0.03 < 0.02 0.75–1.5 0.15–0.25

It has excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature concentrated sulfuric acid and has the characteristics of resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking.
It overcomes the shortcomings of brittle silicon-rich phase and poor hot workability of high-silicon stainless steel and has good plastic deformation performance.

Surface finish
Black bar/flat bar/steel strip/square bar, bright peeling+polishing, centerless grinding

Forged rings, tubes, sleeves, discs, shafts
Manufacture of shell-and-tube concentrated sulfuric acid coolers and acid separators for dry suction towers