Titanium Grade 1, CP Gr.1

Titanium Grade 1(UNS R50250) is unalloyed and generally known as CP (Commercially Pure). It is the softest and most ductile grades of commercially pure titanium family with low oxygen. Titanium grade 1 possesses the greatest formability, excellent corrosion resistance and high impact toughness. It’s ideal in various manufacturing industries from aerospace, medical, shipping, military etc. LKALLOY mainly supplies Titanium Grade 1 tubing, Titanium Grade 1 sheet and Titanium Grade 1 round bar in various size and specifications.

Available Forms and Specifications

Sheet / Plate / Strip ASTM B265

DIN 17860

Seamless Pipe / Tube ASTM B337 (withdrawn)



SAE AMS 4942

SAE AMS 4943

Welded Pipe / Tube ASTM B862 Welded Tube
Round / Flat bar ASTM B348 Gr1 bar

DIN 17862

Wire ASTM B863 wire



DIN 17863

Forgings ASTM B381 Gr1 forgings

DIN 17864

Chemical composition

Ti C Max Fe Max H Max N Max O Max
99.5 0.1  0.2 0.015 0.03  0.18

Mechanical Properties

Density 4.51 g/cc
Melting range Max 1670 °C
Tensile strength, min 240 MPa
Yield strength, 0.2% offset, min, Mpa 170 – 310 MPa
Elongation at Break, % 24
Hardness, Rockwell B 70


Ti CP1  is mainly used for stamping parts and corrosion-resistant structural parts, such as aircraft skeleton and skin, engine accessories, seawater corrosion-resistant pipes, valves and pumps for ships. Seawater desalination system components, chemical heat exchanger, pump body, distillation column, cooler, mixer, impeller, solid parts, ion pump, compressor valve and diesel engine piston, connecting rod, leaf spring, etc.

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