Nickel alloy C276

Alloy C276 exchanger tubing,  Alloy C276 boiler tubing, Hastelloy C276 plate

Nickel alloy C276(UNS N10276) is a wrought nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with the addition of Tungsten. C276 has good excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and oxidizing atmospheres up to 1040°C, witch making it’s commonly used in pollution control, chemical, petrochemical and waste incineration applications. LKALLOY mainly stocks and produces Alloy C276 tubing, Hastelloy C276 sheet, Hastelloy C276 bar and other forms in various size and specifications.

Available Forms And Specifications

Sheet / Plate / Strip: ASTM B575, ASME SB575
Seamless Pipe / Tube: ASTM B622, ASME SB622
Welded Pipe / Tube: ASTM B619, ASME SB619, ASTM B626, ASME SB 626

Round / Flat bar : ASTM B574, ASME SB574, AMS 5750

Fittings / Forgings : ASTM B366, ASME SB 366 WPHC276, ASTM B564

Chemical Composition

57.015.5 16.03-4.52.5 max0.040 max0.030 max0.35 max5.5

Mechanical Properties

Density, g/c㎡8.89
Melting range, ℃1325-1370
Tensile strength, min, Mpa690
Yield strength, 0.2% offset, min, Mpa283
Elongation, %, min40
Hardness, Rockwell88


Alloy C-276 has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical environments. C-276 alloy tube is one of the only materials that can resist the corrosion of wet chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution. It is widely used in heat exchanger, corrugated tube compensator, chemical equipment, flue-gas desulfurization plants, paper industry, aerospace application and other sulfuric acid environments.

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