Hot Work H13 Tool Steel

H13(UNS T20813) is an air hardening, high alloyed Cr-Mo-V Hot Work tool steel, the high content of carbon and vanadium makes it has high wear resistance to thermal shock and heat cracking and hardness at high temperature. H13 is widely used for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting dies and components like ejector pins, apparatus holders and shrink fit chucks where need high resistance to thermal fatigue.

H13 Tool Steel Designation

AISI H13 Tool Steel
ASTM A681 H13
SAE J437
SAE J438
SAE J467
DIN 1.2344
JIS G4404 SKD61
GB/T1299 4Cr5MoSiV1

H13 Available Forms

H13 Round/Square bar
H13 Plate
H13 Flats

H13 Chemistry Composition

0.32 – 0.454.75 – 5.500.20 – 0.601.10 – 1.750.80 – 1.200.80 – 1.25Balance

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Density: 7.80 g/cc
Thermal expansion at 20-200°C : 10.6  10⁶m/(m*K)
Hardness, Rockwell C: 34-55 HRC
Modulus of Elasticity: 210 GPa
Shear Modulus: 81.0 GPa


ASTM H13 is an excellent choice for a wide range of hot work tooling applications. Typical application including Tools for extrusion, ejector pins, apparatus holders, severe cold punching, scrap shears, shrink rings (e.g. for cemented carbide dies) and other wear-resisting parts.


As a type of electroslag remelting steel, the main features of H13 tool steel is high hardenability and resistance to thermal cracking ability, good mechanical characteristics & toughness in hot condition, especially its excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and high tempering stability.

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