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Titanium and its alloy polishing methods

Titanium and its alloy have low density and excellent strength and weight ratio, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but expensive production cost. Titanium and titanium alloy grinding and polishing’s low efficiency make its microscopic structure change because the excessive severe cutting and polishing process will create a mechanical twin in the alpha phase. […]

Steel introduction: PM ASP® 2030 Steel

The ASP® is a range of powder metallurgy high-speed steel brands form Erasteel, a subsidiary of France Eichmann group. The ASP® steels are suitable for a wide range of tooling and component applications like cutting tools, cold work tools, saws & knives, automotive components and wear-resistant components. The steel mainly includes: ASP®2005, ASP®2017, ASP®2023, ASP®2030, […]

S7 High toughness shock-resisting tool steel

AISI S7 steel was originally derived from the United States commercial brand Finkl DRX, is a kind of medium carbon chromium molybdenum alloy shock resisting tool steel. It’s characterized by a good comprehensive property like hardenability, high strength, toughness, tempering stability and oxidation resistance of temperature, is suitable for load tools or dies working under […]

What is the use of vanadium in steel?

Vanadium(V) has been widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, aerospace industry, agriculture, medicine and other fields due to its characteristics of vanadium added in steel can improve the strength, toughness and plasticity of steel, improve the hardness,  abrasion resistance in steel products, among which the metallurgical industry accounts for almost one third of its consumption. At […]

What is the effect of vanadium in steel?

Vanadium is a common rare metal used to refine grain size, improve the strength, toughness and plasticity of steel, and improve the service performance of vanadium steel products. Steel contains a certain amount of carbon and nitrogen, which can be precipitated with vanadium in the form of carbide, nitride, or carbonitride in the steel, affecting […]

The heat treatment of H13 hot steel

H13 is the most commonly used hot work steel, it has higher thermal strength and hardness, wear resistance and toughness, better heat resistance fatigue performance, has been widely used in the manufacture of various forging die, hot extrusion die and aluminum, copper and its alloy casting mold. Hot-working tool steel undertakes a lot of impact […]

The welding of stainless steel-carbon steel clad plate

The clad plate is produced by bonding two or more metals together into a single steel sheet or plate. Stainless steel-Carbon steel clad plates combined the stainless steel and carbon steel material through the explosion and rolling process, which make the metal plate more corrosion resistant, abrasive resistance and high temperature and pressure resistance. But […]

3 tips for Ni-based high temp alloy cutting

In the last article we discussed what’s the high temp alloy, we know nickel-based alloy is the most commonly used high temperature alloy used in aerospace, aviation and other fields at about or above 1000℃. Because it contains many high-melting-point alloy elements such as Fe, Ti, Cr, Ni, V, W, Mo, etc., which forms austenitic […]

What are high temp alloys?

High temp alloy is the alloy based on the element of Fe, Ni and Co, a kind of metal material that can work for a long time under the action of high temperature above 600℃ and certain stress; It has good high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive properties. […]