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Solutions to 5 Defects in Laser Welding

With the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, good effect, and easy automation integration, laser welding is widely used in various industries and plays a pivotal role in industrial manufacturing, including military, medical, aerospace, 3C auto parts, mechanical sheet metal Gold, new energy, bathroom hardware, and other industries. However, if any processing method does not […]

What are the common problems in the processing of titanium alloys?

Titanium alloy has the characteristics of high strength, small specific gravity, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and high-temperature resistance. According to its annealed structure, it can be divided into α-phase titanium alloy, β-phase titanium alloy, and α-β-phase titanium alloy. α-phase titanium alloy (TA type) cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, so the room temperature performance is […]

What is the corrosion resistance of pure nickel NICKEL200?

Nickel-based alloys are excellent corrosion-resistant alloys. NICKEL200 has high corrosion resistance in many substances and even strong corrosive substances. Nickel-based alloys have excellent physical properties and process properties, but they are generally not used casually because of their high price. However, due to the development trend of high main parameters (temperature, working pressure, substance concentration) […]

Why is stainless steel welded pipe more and more popular?

Stainless steel welded pipe has good compression resistance, corrosion resistance, stress corrosion resistance, etc., so it is widely used in various fields. Today, Xiaobian, Xiyouwo, a stainless steel pipe manufacturer in Foshan, will briefly summarize why stainless steel welded pipes are becoming more and more popular. 1. High precision Welded pipe is a deep-processed product […]

Properties and application of Gr4 titanium plate

Industrial pure titanium is divided into four grades according to the number of impurity elements it contains, namely TA1, TA2, TA3, and TA4. They basically correspond to grades 1 to 4 of titanium in the United States, namely Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 titanium plate. As the purity decreases, the strength and hardness of industrial […]

The difference between TC4 and TC4ELI of titanium alloy

TC4 titanium alloy is an α-β type titanium alloy successfully developed by the United States in 1954, containing 6% α stable element and 4% β stable element V. The nominal composition of it is 7.0 aluminum equivalent, molybdenum equivalent 2.9, and contains 10%-15% beta phase in the annealed state. Al improves the room temperature strength […]

Which Solder Can Weld Titanium Alloys?

Eutectic solder can weld titanium alloys. The melting point of eutectic solder is 183 degrees. When the content of tin is higher than 63%, the melting temperature increases and the strength decreases. When the content of tin is less than 10%, the welding strength is poor, the joint becomes brittle, and the lubricating ability of […]