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What is the difference between Hastelloy and Stainless Steel?

Hastelloy is a nickel-based alloy, which is a difficult material to machine. The lkalloy company suggests the use of integral tools to enhance the rigidity of the tools. If the tool is made of carbide, it is inefficient. Efficiency can be improved if tempered tools with better toughness are used. For finishing, nickel or cobalt-based […]

How can we effectively prevent aluminum and aluminum alloys from producing weld heat cracks?

How to prevent aluminum and aluminum alloy welding hot cracks? 1. the selection of hot cracking tendency of small mother material, strict control of impurity content Various aluminum alloy welding hot cracking tendency is different. One of the smaller hot cracking tendencies is industrial pure aluminum and antirust aluminum. However, in the Al-Mg alloy in […]

Precision machining of titanium alloy materials

As we all know, in the aerospace industry the precision machining for the material requirements is very high, of course, one side is in order to meet the special characteristics of aviation equipment, and more importantly, because of the aerospace environment impact. Because of the special environmental impact, the general materials on the market of […]

Measurement of hardened layer thickness of steel bar quenching

After quenching the workpiece, the hardened surface layer of the organization is denser than the internal, high-frequency ultrasound through the surface coupling agent into the surface of the workpiece grain smaller martensitic organization, its energy attenuation is small; when the ultrasonic wave encounters a relatively coarse grain ferrite and pearlite, due to the difference in […]

Lin Kun Alloy: Start a hard and beautiful day

The golden nine and silver ten, close at hand A good day starts with the delivery, the fleet of vehicles comes into the factory one after another, and starts the delivery mode! We do our best to do a good job for each order, each delivery is because of trust and recognition. Do not delay […]

How to check the quality of stainless steel round steel?

How many ways to check the quality of stainless steel round steel? Stainless steel round steel is a kind of steel section, that also belongs to the bar. Its cross-section is uniformly round, and the general length is 4 M. And the surface is smooth, without the problem of scarring. But if you want to […]

What exactly makes Inconel alloys so special?

What exactly makes Inconel alloys so special? Inconel alloys are one of the most versatile metals. Due to their high performance and superior properties, their applications cover a wide range of industries. They are the natural choice for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and oil and gas industries because they are specifically optimized to withstand some […]

What performance characteristics does seamless pipe possess?

A seamless pipe is a kind of cylinder made of round steel, which is drawn directly from the billet. Seamless pipe is a little stronger than straight seam steel pipe, and can produce steel pipe with larger diameters from a narrower billet, and can also produce steel pipe with different diameters from the same width […]

Seamless steel pipe hardness testing method

What are the seamless steel pipe hardness testing methods? The hardness test of stainless steel should take into account its mechanical properties, which are related to the performance and quality of deformation, stamping, cutting, and other processing carried out with stainless steel as raw material. Therefore, all seamless steel pipes should be tested for mechanical […]

Is there a way to identify 316 stainless steel?

Steel material 304 and 316 identification methods are as follows: Identification of color and luster After pickling of stainless steel, the surface color and lustre silver white and clean: chromium-nickel stainless steel color silver white jade; chromium stainless steel color white slightly gray luster is weak; chromium-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel color and chromium-nickel stainless steel is […]