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Chemical composition, preparation process, physical and mechanical properties—Hastelloy C276

What is the chemical composition of Hastelloy C276? – Nickel (Ni): Containing approximately 57% nickel, it is the main component of Hastelloy C276 and provides good corrosion resistance and strength. – Molybdenum (Mo): Contains about 16% molybdenum. The addition of molybdenum can improve the high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy. – Chromium (Cr): […]

Analyze the fine process flow for producing titanium alloy plates

What process is required to produce titanium alloy plates? As a lightweight, high-strength metal material, titanium alloy is widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, and other fields. The production of titanium alloy plates requires a series of delicate process steps to ensure that the final product has excellent mechanical properties and surface quality. […]

How to accurately select the temperature for titanium alloy forging

What is the appropriate forging temperature for titanium alloy? As an important engineering material, titanium alloy has been widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, chemical industry, and other fields because of its excellent mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance. In the processing of titanium alloys, forging is a crucial process, and the choice of titanium […]

Discussion on Difficulties and Countermeasures of Titanium Alloy Processing

Titanium alloy, a lightweight and high-strength metal material, plays a pivotal role in aviation, aerospace, medical and other fields. However, the processing of titanium alloys is full of challenges, and its special physical properties make processing much more difficult. This article will deeply explore the difficulties of titanium alloy processing and propose corresponding countermeasures, to […]

High-performance titanium alloy exhaust: to create a new benchmark of racing exhaust

With the continuous development of the automotive culture, more and more car enthusiasts have begun to pursue personalized modification and performance enhancement. Among them, high-performance titanium alloy exhaust has become the focus of attention of many car enthusiasts due to its excellent material and outstanding performance.GUSTO’s GV high-performance titanium alloy exhaust has become a stream […]

Why are Linkun alloy stainless steel pipes brighter than others?

The answer is very simple: the main reason why Linkun alloy stainless steel pipe looks bright is the material. Everyone knows that in production-oriented enterprises, the first thing that determines product quality is raw materials, followed by quality standards and production processes. The production processes are basically the same, and the difference is not very […]

9 things to note when welding Hastelloy C-276

Hastelloy C-276, UNS N10276, referred to as C276, is one of the most common nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys. It is suitable for various chemical industries containing oxidizing and reducing media. The higher molybdenum and chromium content makes the alloy resistant to chlorine. Ion corrosion and tungsten elements further improve corrosion resistance. Hastelloy C-276 is one of […]