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What makes alloyed titanium grade5 so difficult to machine?

Titanium alloy has the advantages of low density, high strength ratio (strength/density), good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, toughness and plasticity, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, automobile, medicine, sports goods and electrolysis industry. However, its poor thermal conductivity, high hardness, low modulus of elasticity and other characteristics make titanium alloys […]

The commonly used materials of metal bellows

Metallic bellows are wave-shaped tubes, also known as expansion or expansion joints. Metal bellows are elastic pipes that can be compressed or extended when pressure is applied to the outside of the pipe. When the pressure released and the material has not been stressed past its yield strength, the bellows will return to its original […]

What are the effects of alloying elements on Nickel-based steel?

The Nickel retains its austenitic cubic structure until it reaches the melting point, which provides freedom for ductile-brittle transition and greatly reduces manufacturing problems caused by the presence of other metals. Nickel is more inert than iron and more active than copper, so the order of corrosion resistance in reducing environment is Copper > Nickel […]

Which alloy material is most resistant to caustic soda?

Caustic alkali generally refers to caustic soda and caustic potassium, namely sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Caustic embrittlement or caustic cracking occurs when the alloy material cracks under the action of tensile stress and corrosion medium in alkaline solution. In alkaline solutions, the concentration of hydrogen ions is usually low and the corrosion rate in […]

Anti-corrosiont nickel based alloy Hastelloy C22 VS C276

Hastelloy alloy has good resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It was well tolerated for a variety of corrosive medium in oxidation and reduction environments, even as high temperature up to 677 ℃; Hastelloy c-22 and c-276 are the only materials that can resist the corrosion of wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution, and offering significant […]

The welding of SAF 2507 steel for nuclear power plants

Most nuclear power plants in the world use sea water as its cooling medium. Seawater is the most corrosive medium in the natural environment which are prone to produce pitting for common stainless steel materials. How to obtain welded joints with good seawater corrosion resistance is very important. Super duplex stainless steel SAF2507 offers good […]

The common material for hardfacing weld

Hardfacing weld(build-up welding or overlaying) is a surface welding process that uses flame, arc and plasma arc to melt base metal to form a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant coatings on the surface of the workpiece. Hardfacing has characterized the function of repairing and surface strengthening. With the wide application of wear-resistant materials in industry, hardfacing […]

Copper Grade Comparison Of Different Standands

There are more than 450 copper and copper alloys grades, each with a unique combination of properties to suit many applications, manufacturing processes and environments such as Brass (copper-zinc alloys), Bronze alloys, Copper-nickel alloys, Nickel-nickel-zinc alloys and Beryllium copper alloys. Every country has standards of their own or general for the copper and copper alloys […]

Processing Properties Of Metal Materials

The processing property of metal refers to the possibility or difficulty of obtaining qualified products in the cold or hot manufacturing process of mechanical parts, that is, the ability of materials to adapt to the practical production process requirements. Different processing conditions lead to different processing methods and product properties, such as casting, forging, deep […]

What’s the spherical titanium powder industrial application?

Spherical titanium powders particular are silver-gray irregular metal powder in morphology and can also be magnetically screened or acid washed to remove any ferromagnetic contamination. These powders are characterized by its high strength, high corrosion resistance, widely used in a wide range of today’s most demanding markets such as aviation industry, aerospace industry, medical industry and ordinary industry. Do you know the […]