Why are Linkun alloy stainless steel pipes brighter than others?

The answer is very simple: the main reason why Linkun alloy stainless steel pipe looks bright is the material.

Everyone knows that in production-oriented enterprises, the first thing that determines product quality is raw materials, followed by quality standards and production processes.

The production processes are basically the same, and the difference is not very big. The reason for such a big gap is mainly due to different raw materials and quality standards.

The raw material steel strips for stainless steel pipes are divided into refining furnace steel strips and intermediate frequency furnace steel strips. Linkun Alloy Stainless Steel uses refining furnace steel strips, which have high and stable contents of various important trace elements. The surface of the refining furnace steel strip is smooth, free of trachoma and pitting, and has a certain brightness before polishing. On the contrary, there are many trachomas on the surface of the intermediate frequency furnace steel strip, the overall board surface is white, the polishing effect is poor, and the board surface is blurred.

The principle of polishing equipment lies in the high-speed operation and friction waxing of multiple sets of hemp wheels. The hemp wheel rubs against the surface of the stainless steel pipe at high speed and the best polishing effect can be achieved when it is completely attached. The hemp wheels made of inferior materials have poor adhesion and cannot achieve complete adhesion.

The difference in polishing wax materials is also a factor that affects the final brightness. A good polishing wax has fewer impurities, which not only makes the surface of the stainless steel decorative tube bright but also protects the surface of the stainless steel decorative tube from being scratched. During polishing, our highly skilled polishing masters use the finest polishing wax, and the brightness of the thrown tubes is the highest in the industry.

In addition, the quality standards are different. Linkun alloy stainless steel has very high requirements for brightness quality inspection. The brightness of each lkalloy pipe can reach more than 500 candelas.

When users don’t know how to choose stainless steel pipes, they compare lkalloy pipes with pipes from other brands. Users will like lkalloy stainless steel pipes at a glance.