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About brass sheet characteristics of the scope of application

What is the application range of brass sheet properties?

Brass plate cutting retail, brass plate cutting processing, H59 brass plate characteristics application range: strength, high hardness, and plasticity are poor, but in the hot state can still accept pressure making, corrosion resistance is general, other features and H62 near. Used for general machine parts, welding parts, hot stamping, and hot tying parts.

H62 brass plate characteristics of the scope of application: outstanding mechanical function, good plasticity in the hot state, plasticity in the cold state can also be, good machinability, easy brazing and welding, corrosion resistance, but prone to corrosion cracking. In addition how much cheap, is the use of a general brass type? It is used for all kinds of deep drawing and bending manufacture of saluted parts, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, conduits, barometer taut springs, sieves, radiator parts, etc.
H65 brass plate characteristics of the scope of application: function between H68 and H62, also has high strength and plasticity, can outstandingly accept cold, hot pressure production, there is a tendency to corrosion cracking. Used for small hardware, daily necessities, small bandage, screws, rivets, and mechanical parts.

H68 brass plate characteristics of the scope of application: has excellent plasticity and high strength, cutting production function is good, easy to weld, the general corrosion of non-bearing peace, but easy to crack. It is one of the widely used types of ordinary brass. Used for messy cold punching parts and deep punching parts, such as radiator shells, conduits, bellows, shells, gaskets, etc.

Brass plate price trend introduction

Brass plate volume also showed a rebound in the state, but due to the low season in demand brass plate market confidence recovery is limited, there are still some traders in the wait and see. Futures rose sharply, brass plate market confidence rebounded, and part of the winter storage demand gradually enter. To make the steel mill inventory to the market inventory transferred significantly. Brass plate social inventory increased for six consecutive weeks. With the brass plate factory gradually releasing its winter storage policy, and closer to the Spring Festival, brass plate winter storage has been launched, inventory from the factory to steel traders and end demand users, social inventory increased significantly. At present, the brass plate market transactions from the end demand users, traders believe that the price is high, not pessimistic expectations for next year, the current winter storage enthusiasm is not high, and the market is still not a centralized ordering phenomenon.