Customer orders in Serbia have been successfully delivered

As many people traveled to Xinjiang and Tibet from June to July this year, which led to a new round of epidemic outbreaks and brought us many interruptions, which seriously affected the delivery date we agreed with our customers.

Our customers were facing a lot of pressure due to the urgent need for goods from end users. The customer kept pushing us and we pushed our factory to speed up the progress every day.

After much cooperation, finally, after 2.5 months of intense production, we successfully shipped the goods on October 17, 2022, helping our customer to solve the urgent need, and our customer was very happy. The road ahead in life is always full of thorns, bends, and surprises.

Here are the photos of the goods to share with you:

If you have ASTM A179, A192, A210 A-1/C, A213 TP304/304L, TP316/316L, T5/T9/T11/T22, A334 Gr.1/3/6, 09CrCuSb, welcome to contact us. Email: [email protected]