How to prevent copper oxidation during copper alloy surface treatment?

In the process of copper alloy surface treatment, after a period of storage, the surface of copper alloy will appear blackened and oxidized. After the surface of copper alloy is oxidized, it will seriously affect the quality, appearance, and service life of the product. In the process of copper alloy surface treatment, anti-oxidation treatment is a very important process. So, how to prevent copper oxidation during copper alloy surface treatment?

At present, the methods to prevent copper oxidation include passivation, electroless plating, electroplating, sealing, painting, and other processes. Among them, copper alloy passivation treatment is mature and easy to operate, which is favored by copper alloy surface treatment plants.
The copper alloy passivation treatment process includes copper degreasing, copper derusting, copper polishing, copper passivation, and other processes. The pretreatment degreasing and rust removal processes are very important, they determine the quality and yield of the final product, and the passivation process determines the role of rust prevention and discoloration prevention.

In general, copper alloy passivation agent is a chromium-free passivation agent with good environmental protection performance and stable physical and chemical properties.

Copper alloy passivation agent is non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile, non-deliquescent, non-decomposing, non-sublimating, and does not absorb dust and harmful gases such as H2S and SO2.

The copper parts treated with copper alloy passivation agent can effectively resist the erosion of copper alloys by hot and humid salt spray and bacteria, and have good wettability and high corrosion resistance.

The copper alloy passivation agent has the triple functions of dehydration, discoloration prevention, and rust prevention, and the generated passivation film has better electrical properties.

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