Similarities and differences between Hastelloy C276 and C22

Often users call to consult the similarities and differences between Hastelloy C276 (N10276) and C22 (N06022) alloys, the two simple, largely similar, slightly different.

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First of all, we look at the difference between the two materials:

C276 main components: 57NI-16MO-16CR-5FE-4W-2.5CO-1MN-0.35V-0.08SI-0.01C

C22 main components: 56NI-13MO-22CR-3FE-3W-2.5CO-0.5MN-0.35V-0.08SI-0.01C

As can be seen from the above, the main elements do not differ much, especially in NI, FE, CO content, Mo and Cr are slightly different.

C22 is more resistant to localized corrosion than 276 and can be understood as an upgraded version of 276.

In addition, “special steel 100 seconds” also lists the difference between the two welding consumables:

C276 welding consumables are wire ERnicrmo-4 and electrode Enicrmo-4.

C22 welding consumables are wire ERnicrmo-10 and electrode Enicrmo-10.

1, from the ease of procurement: C276 market spot is easier to purchase some of the more complete specifications, while C22 alloy stockists only one or two.

2, from the use of: C22 is better, but generally speaking, both can be used in most working conditions.

3, from the cost of materials: the main components are not very different, according to costing should be about the same. Even if C22 alloy (8.7) density is less than C276 alloy (8.9), should be cheaper than C276 cost, but because C22 can not form a large-scale production and supply, the cost is higher than C276.