The difference and application of concentric reducer and eccentric reducer

I believe many people know what steel pipe fittings are, but they don’t know what reducers are, which are also divided into concentric not reducers and eccentric reducers. You may not know how to use these two kinds of pipe fittings, the following is to take you to understand the application of concentric reducer and eccentric reducer, before we understand the application, first understand what the reducer is!

Reducer is one of the chemical fittings used to connect two different pipe diameters. The materials of reducers include stainless steel reducers, alloy steel, carbon headers for reducers, and reducer 20 steel. Reducer is a kind of pipe fitting used to change the diameter of the pipe. The commonly used forming process is shrinkage forming, expansion forming, or shrinkage plus expansion forming, stamping forming can also be used for certain specifications of different diameter tubes. The shrink-forming process for different diameter tubes is to put the billet with the same diameter as the big end of the different diameter tubes into the forming die and squeeze along the axial direction of the billet to make the metal move and shrink along the die cavity. According to the reducer size of different pipe diameters, it can be divided into one press forming and multiple press forming.

Concentric Reducer Specifications

What are eccentric reducers and concentric reducers?

Reducers are also called small and large headers and are used to connect pipes of different sizes. Eccentric reducers are pipes of different diameters whose centers are not in the same line, and pipes with one center in the same line are called concentric reducers. Commonly used forming process is shrink forming, expansion forming, or shrink plus expansion forming, stamping forming can also be used for certain specifications of different diameter pipes.

Application of eccentric reducers

Eccentric reducers are used to connect pipe fittings or flanges of different diameters to change the diameter because the diameter of the orifice at both ends of the pipe is different. Eccentric different diameter pipe at both ends of the mouth, the center of the circle on the same axis, when the axis is used to calculate the diameter of the pipe, the position of the pipe remains unchanged, generally used for gas or vertical liquid pipeline diameter change.

Eccentric different diameter pipe ends with eccentric cutting in the circumferential direction are generally used for horizontal liquid pipelines. When the eccentric different diameter pipe cutting point is upward, known as the top installation, generally used for pump inlet, conducive to exhaust, the cutting point downward inserted into the bottom installation, generally used for the installation of control valves and drainage.

Eccentric reducer piping is conducive to fluid flow, changing the diameter of the fluid flow pattern is less interference, so concentric and eccentric reducers are used in liquid piping containing gas and vertical flow.

Eccentric reducer fittings are a kind of pipe fittings for different pipe diameters, commonly used forming process is shrinkage pressure, expansion, or shrinkage plus expansion pressure, stamping forming can also be applied to certain specifications of different diameter pipe.

Application of Concentric Reducer

A concentric reducer does not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion, or wear, and can play a good role and performance in the industry, concentric reducer is also one of the high-strength materials in the construction of metal materials.

The above is for you to share the concentric reducer and eccentric reducer-specific content, I hope it will help you.