The difference between tungsten carbide-like wear-resistant welding wire and tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide-like wire, is an inexpensive alternative to tungsten carbide alloys, with the same wear resistance as tungsten carbide alloys. The density of the tungsten carbide-like welding wire is low, and the density of the tungsten carbide alloy is high, and the wear-resistant layer of the same area and size will be used for surfacing. Material costs. At present, only Beijing Guben Technology Co., Ltd. develops and produces tungsten carbide series welding wires in China. Let’s take a look at the difference between tungsten carbide-like welding wire and tungsten carbide alloy.

1. Metallographic organization

Tungsten carbide alloy is a soft matrix that wraps large, unevenly distributed tungsten carbide particles. In actual use, the soft matrix on the surface of tungsten carbide alloy will wear out quickly, and the combination of tungsten carbide particles and the matrix will loosen, which will easily lead to tungsten carbide particles falling off and affect the overall working life of the wear-resistant layer.

Tungsten carbide-like welding wire is distributed on a solid base with a large number of fine and uniformly dispersed special carbides. Since the tungsten carbide-like is dispersed in the matrix finely and evenly, the bonding performance between the carbide particles and the matrix is ​​good, and the phenomenon of loosening and falling off will not occur, and finally the ideal wear resistance effect is obtained.

2. Number of surfacing layers

Generally, tungsten carbide alloy can only be surfacing with one layer, while tungsten carbide-like welding wire can be used for multi-layer surfacing. The multi-layer surfacing can obtain a thicker wear-resistant layer, so that the tungsten carbide-like welding wire has a longer working life than the tungsten carbide alloy, and is more suitable for severe wear conditions.

3. Welding process

The oxyacetylene welding process is used for tungsten carbide alloy, the welding position is limited, the welding speed is slow, and the welding efficiency is low. Tungsten carbide-like welding wire uses a gas shielded welding process, which can be welded in various positions, semi-automatic welding, fast speed and high efficiency.