What is copper alloy 110?

110 Copper is UNS commercial pure grade number and its full name is C11000, also known as electrolytic tough pitch copper(ECP).  It offers excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and good processability. Usually speaking, copper 110 contains 99.99% copper and oxygen-free, because the trace oxygen is likely to cause “hydrogen embrittlement” and should not be processed (annealed, welded, etc.) and used in a reductive environment when heated (e.g. high temperature >370℃), but sometimes the content of oxygen is less strict and can be o.o4%  at most by agreement. C110 copper is readily cold worked and has much tighter limits on impurities than other grades.

Equivalent Materials:

  • ISO: Cu- ETP
  • EN: Cu- ETP; CW004A
  • DIN: ECu-58; 2.0065
  • BS: C101
  • JIS: C1100
  • GB: T2


Physical Properties

  • Tensile Strength:  32,000 psi
  • Yield Strength:   10,000 psi
  • Elongation:   55% (in 2″)
  • Melting Point (Solidus):  1949°F
  • Density (C110 Copper Alloy):   0.321-.323 lbs/cu in
  • Electrical Resistivity (Annealed):  10.3 Ω⋅cmil/ft @ 68°F
  • Electrical Conductivity (Annealed):  101 % IACS @ 68°F
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:   0.0000098°F (68-572°F)


C110 Copper has a wide range of applications, specified for electronic applications such as components for vacuum devices, switches, interrupters, deposition units; components for superconductive magnets; electron tubes including anodes, glass-to-metal seals and linear accelerators. To learn more or to buy or C110 bar, contact us now!