What is the material of copper alloy C17200?

The Copper alloy has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance, and is therefore widely used, for example, in various continuous casting molds, blast furnace slag holes, oxygen nozzles for converters, and so on. Among them, the C17200 copper alloy has very good strength and electrical conductivity and is popular for its easy processing and non-magnetic properties. C17200 copper alloy is widely used in contact components such as conductive brushes and rolled rings because of its very good elastic properties. However, because of the low hardness of these alloys, they are susceptible to adhesion and abrasive wear, so it is essential to improve their tribological properties by preparing surface modification layers. This can be achieved by introducing other alloying elements into the surface to create intermetallic compound-modified layers.

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Chemical composition of C17200 copper alloy

Beryllium Be:1.90-2.15

Cobalt Co:0.35-0.65

Nickel Ni:0.20-0.25

Copper Cu: remainder

Silicon Si:<0.15

Iron Fe:<0.15

Aluminum Al:<0.15

Comparison standard: AISIC17200

Intermetallic compounds exhibit good properties such as high strength, low density, good oxidation resistance, and high-temperature performance. Recently, intermetallic compounds have gained much attention as good wear-resistant materials such as Ti-Al intermetallic compounds, Ni-Al intermetallic compounds, Ni-Ti compounds, Mo-Si compounds, and Fe-Al compounds.

Main performance index

Tensile strength(Mpa):1105

Specific gravity(g/cm3):8.3

Yield strength(0.2%)Mpa:1035

Softening temperature(℃):930


Modulus of elasticity(Gpa):128


Thermal conductivity(W/m.k20℃):105

Electrical conductivity(IACS%):18

Titanium nitride films have excellent chemical and physical properties and exhibit good tribological and mechanical properties, such as good electrical conductivity, chemical stability, chemical inertness, biocompatibility, high thermal conductivity, wear and corrosion resistance, and fairly high hardness.

Characteristics and Applications of C17200 copper alloy

After heat treatment (solution treatment and aging treatment), it has a high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit, and fatigue limit which are comparable to special steel, and also has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good casting performance, non-magnetic and non-sparking characteristics. It is widely used in mold-making, machinery, electronics, and other industries.

It has no sand holes, air holes, balanced hardness, dense organization, high strength, good thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, good processing performance, stable performance under high-pressure conditions, non-magnetic, and good anti-adhesive properties.