Which Solder Can Weld Titanium Alloys?

Eutectic solder can weld titanium alloys. The melting point of eutectic solder is 183 degrees. When the content of tin is higher than 63%, the melting temperature increases and the strength decreases. When the content of tin is less than 10%, the welding strength is poor, the joint becomes brittle, and the lubricating ability of the solder becomes poor.

titanium alloy weld picture
The most ideal is eutectic solder. At the eutectic temperature, the solder changes from solid to liquid directly without going through a semi-liquid state. The melting temperature of eutectic solder is lower than that of non-eutectic solder, which reduces the number of components to be soldered. At the same time, because the eutectic solder is directly changed from liquid to solid, it also reduces the phenomenon of virtual soldering, so the eutectic solder is widely used.