Why is stainless steel welded pipe more and more popular?

Stainless steel welded pipe has good compression resistance, corrosion resistance, stress corrosion resistance, etc., so it is widely used in various fields. Today, Xiaobian, Xiyouwo, a stainless steel pipe manufacturer in Foshan, will briefly summarize why stainless steel welded pipes are becoming more and more popular.

1. High precision

Welded pipe is a deep-processed product of sheet metal, and its advantages of uniform wall thickness are unparalleled. At the same time, it can be arbitrarily fixed, with high precision; the welding method is simple, the product specification range is wide, the surface is smooth, and the yield is high. The commonly used “welding-cold rolling” production process of stainless steel pipes, after slitting and forming cold-rolled coils according to specifications, is welded into pipes by multi-gun argon arc welding machines, and then cold-rolled (drawn) to make the welds. The various performance indicators of the product can be basically consistent with the base metal, and the product quality and precision are improved

stainless steel welded pipe

stainless steel welded pipe

2. Economic and environmental protection

In the production process of stainless steel welded pipe, the pipe body is evenly extruded, and then after online bright solid-melting annealing, the surface becomes very smooth, and the smooth surface is not easy to scale and has the function of anti-scale. This is good for heat dissipation and does not require frequent cleaning, saving time, effort and money.

Stainless steel welded pipe is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, and stainless steel welded pipe can guarantee 100% recycling. Waste stainless steel welded pipes can also be recycled 100% without causing pollution, which is in line with the requirements of the scientific development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the state.

The stainless steel welded pipe has a long service life. After a period of use, it is no different from the initial use and is durable.

With the wide use of stainless steel welded pipes, the advantages of stainless steel welded pipes have been recognized by people, and their application scope is also expanding. Stainless steel pipes have become an indispensable part of people’s lives and will play an important role in future economic construction.