17-7PH (SUS631)

17-7PH (SUS631) precipitation hardening stainless steel strip hardness

17-7PH precipitation hardening stainless steel is a kind of martensitic steel with good strength and processing performance. The overall performance of the alloy becomes better after heat treatment. The composition complies with the GB/T1220-2007 standard and can be used for parts such as springs. . 17-7PH contains a high content of chromium, up to 17%, and has good corrosion resistance. It takes a slant to add aluminum alloy elements to the alloy to enhance the strength of the material.

17-7PH chemical composition:

Carbon C:≤0.09

Silicon Si:≤1.0

Manganese Mn:≤1.0

Sulfur S:≤0.03

Phosphorus P:≤0.04

Chromium Cr: 16.0~18.0

Nickel Ni:6.50~7.75

Aluminum Al:0.75~1.50