6 applications for Titanium and Titanium alloys

The selection of titanium in the abundant application is because of its specific properties associated with the metal including reliability, corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, strength to weight ratio, mechanical properties. We offer an extensive range of Ti alloys in round bar, sheet & plate, coil, pipe & tube, pipe fittings, flanges, forgings and welding consumables for oil and gas, medical, chemical processing, power generation, automotive aircraft.


1. Aviation and Aerospace 

Titanium alloys effectively compete with aluminum, nickel alloys in both commercial and military airframes. Titanium is selected in aviation and aerospace due to its basic characteristics, specifically its strength to weight ratio since the 1960’s where it had its beginnings in military programs and ultimately moved into commercial aircraft. Structural airframe applications include wing structures, landing gear components, critical fasteners, springs, and hydraulic tubing.


2.Chemical Processing

Titanium’s superior corrosion resistance properties make it the industry choice for high-temperature environments like Chemical Processing applications. They are widely used in the piping material and components where need processing aggressive compounds like nitric acid, organic acids, chlorine dioxide, inhibited reducing acids, and hydrogen sulfide in the Pressure Vessels, Distillation Columns, Reactors & Agitators, Pollution Control Equipment, Heat Exchangers & Condensers, Swimming pool lining & fixtures, Instrumentation & Flow Control Equipment, agitators, coolers and so on.


3.Power Generation

Titanium material is widely used in the Power Generation industry. Titanium tubing is used on a large scale in the condenser and auxiliary heat exchanger applications in power plants due to its corrosion resistance and its unlimited lifespan. It has been proved that 6AL4V titanium turbine blades in critical areas to increase the efficiency and life of low-pressure turbines while at the same time reducing downtime and maintenance.


4. Medical Industry

The strength to weight ratio has made titanium a great material choice in the medical market where weight reduction is beneficial. Typical application including:

Bone and joint replacement: Artificial femoral head, Hip joint, Knee joint, Ankle joint, Shoulder joint;

Dental Implants: Dental implants, Dentures, Denture bases and stents;

Cardiac and vascular implants: Endovascular Stents, Cardiac valves, Pacemakers,

Skull repair implants: Two dimensional and 3D mesh plate, Bone screw, Bone, Plate;

Bone joint implants: Bone joint implant, Bone screw, Bone plate, Intervebral fusion cage, intramedullary pin, Spinal internal fixation system.


5.Marine Application

The selection of corrosion resistant materials used in the environment of marine is critical. The specific environment of each production within the industry should be taken into account to pick the proper corrosion resistant alloys for your needs. The Ti alloy is widely used in the piping materials and components of Down Hole Tooling, Process Equipment, Offshore Topside Piping, Subsea Forgings and Piping, Wellhead Equipment and so on.


6.Consumer Products

The strength to weight ratio has made titanium a great material choice in the sporting goods and fashion market where weight reduction is beneficial. Typical sporting products including tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, bikes, camping gear, and more. In addition, some fashion brands have applied it to the design of the watch which the benefits include flexibility, light weight, comfort and fashionable. Another fashion accessories now being offered in titanium include eye glass frames, tableware, ashtrays, cups and so on.



Titanium provides an economically efficient material in many corrosive environments. The corrosion resistance extends the life cycle of equipment and reduces maintenance costs. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of specialty metals and titanium mill products in round bar, sheet & plate, coil, pipe & tube, pipe fittings, flanges, forgings, offering a wide variety of grades and sizes with lead times to satisfy your manufacturing needs. Contact us today for your need!