How much is a kilogram of titanium alloy?

Titanium was originally 300,000 tons, but due to excess production in China, it was about 40,000 tons, which is 20 per kilogram! Titanium is not very valuable, but there must be a huge disparity in the price of different types of titanium alloys. A titanium alloy screw-in Bugatti is worth $50, so the nuclear price is expensive! Titanium is also difficult to machine, so the finished parts are more expensive!

There are many kinds of titanium alloys, depending on which one you want. The reference price of TC4 alloy titanium rod: 100+ yuan/kg.
The price of titanium alloy material is related to alloy composition, processing method and mechanical properties.
The price of ordinary civilian titanium alloy plates, rods and wires is 150~280 yuan/kg.
The price of military titanium alloy is generally not less than 500 yuan. High to 1300 yuan / kg.
The ingredients are almost the same, but the price is very different. The reason is high performance and stable batch quality.