How to do a good job of seamless steel pipe insulation?

Seamless steel pipe insulation work is more common in the refrigeration system in a project, doing a good job of this work can better protect the normal work of refrigeration equipment, and improve the energy efficiency of the system. So what details should be noted in the refrigeration seamless steel pipe insulation project?

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Seamless steel pipe insulation project preparation work includes:

1. In the material preparation Purchase insulation materials that meet the requirements, such as polyurethane insulation steel pipe, insulation elbow tee, and other pipe fittings, valves, and so on.

2. Tool preparation Need to prepare power supply, welding machine, insulation thickness measurement tools, etc..

3. Construction environment preparation, including cleaning up the construction area, to ensure that the construction site is clean and tidy, to avoid adverse effects on the insulation construction.

The seamless steel pipe insulation project includes the following steps:

1. Seamless steel pipe lifting. Need to be according to the actual situation of the site, according to the requirements of the seamless steel pipe lifting up, so that the welding workers in the welding group will be more convenient.

2. Welding of insulation steel pipe. Before welding, we should fully understand whether the pipe needs to be ultrasonic, flaw detection, etc. In the absence of ultrasonic and flaw detection welding process will be much simpler, but if it is necessary for ultrasonic or flaw detection, it is also necessary to pipe sub-arc welding priming.

In refrigeration throughout the seamless steel pipe insulation insulation project, the safety issue is crucial. Construction personnel must wear work clothes helmets and other items according to the requirements, and strictly do a good job of protective measures, according to the relevant operational specifications for implementation. And to be regularly on the state of the insulation layer and insulation layer of all-round inspection, in order to timely maintain and repair, so that the refrigeration system achieves a longer operating cycle.