Is the faucet material all copper or copper alloy?

There are many materials for faucets, such as stainless steel and copper. Is the faucet material all copper or copper alloy better? Let me take you all to find out.

The faucet is better to choose all copper material. The all-copper material can kill 99% of the bacteria in tap water. Even if the tap water bursts and causes foreign objects to enter, there is no need to worry about a bacterial infection; good metal-cutting performance reduces production costs, making it a must-have copper faucet for every household.

The main material of kitchen faucets currently used in China is brass HPb59, which contains trace amounts of lead. At present, the national faucet safety certification rules stipulate that the inspection should be carried out in accordance with the regulations, and the amount of lead precipitation should be less than or equal to 11 micrograms. At present, the lead-washing technology of big brands can inhibit the precipitation of most heavy metals.

The price of copper alloy faucets is much lower than that of full copper faucets, and this faucet is easier to produce on a large scale. The biggest disadvantage of alloy faucets is that they have no toughness and are prone to cracks after long-term use, and their service life is short.