Welding method of 316L stainless steel round steel

The most commonly used welding method for 316L stainless steel round steel is manual welding. The most commonly used welding method for stainless steel is manual welding (MMA), followed by metal gas-shielded welding (MIG/MAG) and tungsten inert gas-shielded welding. (TIG).

Preparation before welding: The thickness of 4mm or less does not need to be broken, and it is directly welded, and one side is welded through once. Butt welds with a thickness of 4 to 6mm can be welded on both sides of the joint without opening. More than 6mm, generally open V or U, X-shaped groove.
Next: Degrease and descale the weldment and filler wire. to ensure welding quality.

Welding parameters: including 316L stainless steel round steel welding current, tungsten electrode diameter, arc length, arc voltage, welding speed, shielding airflow, nozzle diameter, etc.
(1) Welding current is a key factor in determining weld formation. It is usually determined according to the weldment material, thickness, and groove shape.
(2) The diameter of the electrode is determined according to the size of the welding current. The larger the current, the larger the diameter.
(3) Welding arc and arc film, the arc length range is about 0.5 to 3mm, and the corresponding arc voltage is 8~10V.
(4) Welding speed: The selection should take into account factors such as current size, weldment material sensitivity, welding position, and operation mode.

The above is the welding method of 316L stainless steel round steel that Xiaobian shared with you today, I hope it can be useful to everyone!