Share the cleaning method of titanium rod filter

Speaking of “titanium rod”, many people must not know or understand it, let alone where it is used. In fact, many of the instruments we see in our lives use mostly titanium materials. Tell the titanium powders about the cleaning method of the titanium rod filter.

After the titanium rod filter element is used for a period of time, it will cause a certain degree of blockage, which is manifested as a decrease in the flow rate and an increase in the pressure at the front end of the filter. For example, from below 0.22mPa to above 0.3mPa, we need to clean the filter element. The methods generally include the following:

1. When the filtration effect has not recovered significantly after multiple backwashing, use the hydrochloric acid solution below 5%, the sulfuric acid solution below 8%, or NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solution below 10% at room temperature. , and then rinse with clean water.

2. For the newly used filter element, generally use the method of clean water backflushing and gas backflushing to clean, that is to say, use clean water slightly larger than the working pressure (for example; 0.3mPa) to inject water in the opposite direction, and the backflushing time is about 1 ~3 minutes is enough.

Remember to pay attention to safety when operating!