There are several main points of nickel crystal counterfeiting in nickel pipe fittings

1. With the current popularity of nickel crystals in nickel pipe fittings, unscrupulous merchants will use hair crystals or rough hair crystals to pretend to be nickel crystals. Many people have been confused about the difference between nickel crystals and hair crystals. In fact, the simple way to distinguish is hair crystals. Whether it is coarse hair or fine hair, as long as the hair in the crystal is like hair, it is a hair crystal. Only the nickel crystal plate in the crystal can be regarded as a nickel crystal in a real sense.

2. Nickel crystals also have a lot of color additions now. Generally, the nickel crystals and blond crystals are colored with a slightly brighter yellow color, and the crystals will appear yellow. If the color addition process is not good, if you look closely, the crystals will appear yellow. There may be a little yellow residual pigment in it. This is an ordinary color addition. The better color addition crystal is a white body (white crystal) and is still surrounded by the whole, without any leakage, but the color of the hair is bright. Huang, how to do it, I don’t know the specifics, but this kind of color addition is generally more on the blond crystal.

3. The nickel crystal two-in-one in the nickel pipe fitting is a good nickel crystal plate, but there is no meat on it (that is, the white crystal part is relatively small), the counterfeiter will find a good white crystal and a nickel crystal plate with no meat. Stick it into a whole nickel crystal. This also requires skill to work. The counterfeiter has to ensure that there is no dust in it when it is dipped. The counterfeiting skills are so high that there is no trace of sticking from the front and back at all. Only the side of the nickel crystal can be used. If you see a gap, in order to prevent others from discovering it, counterfeiters usually make two-in-one nickel crystals into edge-wrapped pendants and rings. Two-in-one nickel crystals are also better nickel crystal plates, and they will be used only if they are in good condition, and will not use low-grade nickel crystals for two-in-one.

4. There are many nickel crystal plates in nickel pipe fittings. Nickel crystals generally have nickel crystal roots, some are nickel crystal black roots with biotite, and some are nickel crystal roots without biotite, but most of the places with roots will have or There are more or less external leaks, some leaking large nickel crystals, and some unscrupulous merchants will use specific glue (it seems to be UV glue in the industry) to block the leaking place, and the color of the glue is white. It’s almost opaque, but you can still see it if you look closely.