What do I need to pay attention to when welding steel pipe?

1, steel pipe cleaning note that before welding steel pipe, do a good job of cleaning up. The surface of the steel pipe may have a variety of oil, paint, water, rust, etc., and will also be mixed with a variety of impurities, in order to protect the smooth progress of welding and reduce safety problems, it is recommended to do a good job of cleaning up these impurities, such as clean up, which can also help the sealing of the welded butt, reducing the possibility of problems in the process of welding.

welding steel pipe process

2, adjust the opening of the welding bevel based on the wall thickness of the steel pipe itself, if the wall thickness is thicker then you can open it a little larger, and if it is thinner then you can properly small, it be able to adjust according to the actual situation. If you feel that the bevel opening is a bit large, you can properly leave a small gap on the counterpart, usually about 1-1.5 times the diameter of the welding rod or wire, depending on the steel pipe.

3, welding treatment of steel pipe welding is currently recommended to use half and half of the form of better, do not be too eager to pay attention to the meticulous and rigorous, to be able to weld the steel pipe in place. If the wall of the steel pipe is thicker, then you can choose the layered treatment, which can also have a more secure effect. Handling steel pipe welding to have a grasp of all aspects of the matter, in strict accordance with the step requirements, relatively speaking, is able to reduce the risk of problems, to protect the smoothness of steel pipe welding.