What performance characteristics does seamless pipe possess?

A seamless pipe is a kind of cylinder made of round steel, which is drawn directly from the billet. Seamless pipe is a little stronger than straight seam steel pipe, and can produce steel pipe with larger diameters from a narrower billet, and can also produce steel pipe with different diameters from the same width of billet. Share with you what performance characteristics seamless pipe has.

Performance characteristics of seamless pipe

Seamless pipe performance characteristics:

1) Seamless steel pipe is actually a hollow steel pipe with a certain cross-section and no seams. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe processed from steel by piercing, cold rolled, or cold drawn and processed into a pipe.

Because the pipe is hollow inside, it can transport some fluid liquids, in addition to the traditional solid steel, compressive strength is greater, and the volume is light, a more ideal type of economic steel pipe. It is widely used in manufacturing and processing industries, such as oil drilling rods, vehicle frames, and scaffolding for construction.

2) At the same time, seamless steel pipe can also be processed into ring-shaped parts, the full use of materials, simplifies the production process, greatly reducing the production cycle. At the same time, steel tubes also play a significant role in the manufacture of some weapons, such as gun barrels need to use steel tubes for manufacturing.

Seamless steel pipe can be divided into two categories according to its hollow cross-section: round and profiled. When the perimeter of the two products is the same, the round pipe conveys a larger amount of fluid and the force inside the pipe is uniform. However, round steel pipe is not as good as shaped steel pipe in terms of bending, so it is used in different fields of application for different steel pipe performance characteristics.

About the introduction of the performance characteristics of seamless pipe, today we share with you here, we will see you in the next issue!