What’s beryllium copper used for?

In last article, we discussed the question”What’s Beryllium Copper”, as well as we know, Beryllium Copper is also known as beryllium bronze, is a type of precipitated hardened copper alloy with beryllium as the main alloying element. Its density is 8.3g/cm³, 0.2~2.75% beryllium making its strength is twice that of other copper alloys. Beryllium copper alloy is a nearly perfect alloy with similar strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit as special steel in mechanical, physical, chemical and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it has high thermal conductivity, electric conductivity, hardness, abrasion resistance, temperature stability and creeps resistance. It also has the advantages of good casting performance, non – magnetic and no spark during impact.

There are different forms of classification for Beryllium copper alloy. It can be divided into deformable beryllium copper alloy and cast beryllium copper alloy according to the processing form of the final shape. It also can be divided into high strength and high elasticity beryllium copper alloy (C17000, C17200, C17300) and high conductivity copper-beryllium alloy (C17500, C17510) according to beryllium content and its characteristics. Beryllium copper provides a good processing performance, hardness after solid solution aging treatment can reach HRC38 ~ 43, a wide range of uses and more than 70% consumption of beryllium in the world is used for the production of beryllium copper. It is mainly used in mold industry, automobile industry, nuclear power industry, computer industry, electronic industry, temperature controller, cell phone battery, computer, automobile parts, micromotor, brush needle, advanced bearing, contact parts, gear, punch, all kinds of a non-spark switch, all kinds of welding electrodes and precision casting mold:

Alloy Parts Applications
High strength beryllium copper Reliable connector Telecommunication, medical, computer, military, aviation, computer, connector
Durable switch Automobiles, household appliances, telecommunications
High sensitivity sensor Bellows, reeds
Highly elastic node Battery contacts, wireless appliances, electromagnetic shielding
High strength spring Fixing clip, pressing ring, gasket
High conductivity beryllium copper High-temperature connectors automotive, electrical, power distribution, fuse ends
High current relay Automobile, electric appliance, electric motor
Casting Beryllium copper Tools Safety and explosion-proof tools
Moulds Children’s toys, plastic moulds, casting moulds, die casting moulds
Devices Submarine cable repeater, oil and gas
High-temperature components Welding electrode, rolling welding, generator shaft, steelmaking crystallizer


Appendix table: 1. The common standards for Beryllium Copper

ASTM B194 Copper beryllium plate, sheet, strip and rolled bar
ASTM B196 Copper beryllium bars and rods
ASTM B197 Copper beryllium wire
ASTM B643 Copper beryllium seamless tube
ASTM B441 Copper – cobalt – beryllium and copper-nickel – beryllium bar/rod
ASTM B534 Copper-cobalt-beryllium and copper-nickel-beryllium plates, sheets, strips and rolled bars

2. The common material for Beryllium Copper

Grades Be Ni+Co Co+Ni+Fe Pb Cu
C17000 1.60~1.79 ≥0.2 ≤0.6 Bal
C17200 1.80~2.00 ≥0.2 ≤0.6 Bal
C17300 1.80~2.00 ≥0.2 ≤0.6 0.2~0.6 Bal