Cutting process of Inconel 718 material

Inconel 718 material is a precipitation-hardened nickel-chromium alloy with high creep rupture strength at elevated temperatures up to approximately 700°C (1290°F). It has higher strength than Inconel X-750 and better low-temperature mechanical properties than Inconel 90 and Inconel X-750.

INCONEL 718 stock

Its main features: good creep rupture strength at high temperatures.

Inconel 718 has good resistance to organic acids, bases and salts as well as seawater. It has good tolerance to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and nitric acid. Good oxidation resistance, carburizing, nitriding and molten salt capabilities. Good resistance to vulcanization.

Age-hardened Inconel 718 combines high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance and excellent machinability up to 700 °C. Its welding properties, especially its resistance to post-weld cracking, are excellent. Due to these properties, Inconel 718 material is used in parts of aircraft turbine engines; high-speed airframe components such as wheels, buckets, washers, etc.; high-temperature bolts and fasteners, cryogenic storage tanks, and in oil and gas exploration and nuclear engineering. part.

As we all know, ordinary cutting tools cannot cut Inconel 718 material. By far the most suitable cutting method for Inconel 718 is the new circular diamond wire cutting technology. Different from the traditional wire cutting method, loop wire cutting is very suitable for cutting this hard and brittle material. It has many advantages such as fast cutting speed, high efficiency, less consumables, simple and convenient operation, etc.