Looking for alloy material from China? LKALLOY maybe your choice


Alloys make up most of the metals we use with their good properties such as strength, durability, flexibility, magnetism, heat resistance, heat conductivity and so on. Modern industries use a variety of metal alloys to achieve durability, weight, cost, and other design criteria. That’s means, these alloys are indispensable to our daily life. From medicine to spaceflight, from building construction to food manufacturing, alloy materials have become essential to our lives.


Who Am I?

LKALLOY t is a reliable supplier and distributor of quality alloys and special alloys. We mainly offer high-alloy steels with additives such as Nickel based alloys, Tungsten carbide alloys, Titanium, Copper-nickel alloys and duplex stainless steel. Those quality metals we supply are formed in sheet, plate, bar, tubing for applications require appropriate mechanical, physical properties, resistance to abrasion, high temperatures environments.

LKALLOY stocks a full range of Nickel 200, Monel 400, Inconel 600/625, Incoloy 800 series, Incoloy 825, and Hastelloy C276, Titanium Gr1/ Gr2/ Gr5, high-speed steel M2/M42, Tool Steel D2, Cooper alloy C70600, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507 and so on. The alloy products we supply come mainly from the china leading steelworks and the purchased materials are consistently accompanied by quality certificates.


Why Me?

Firstly, China has abundant mineral resources, especially nonferrous metals, which even be exported to other countries in the case of self-sufficiency. With the progress of smelting processing technology, developed of hundreds of state-owned companies and thousands of small and medium enterprises in the whole industry chain, which ensures alloy’s production and quality. In addition, China’s cheap labor resources add obvious competitiveness in price compared with other countries.

Our reputation as experts in the field of steel and alloy material products is based on 12 years ago. In lkalloy.com, whether you need nickel-based alloy, Tungsten carbide alloys, Copper alloy, or Titanium alloy, we have the right manufacturer for your choice. Whether you come from the petrochemical industry, food & beverage, engineering industries, or electronics, medical, power industries, we have the right materials for you.


As an ISO 9001 certified trading company, LKALLOY is trustworthy. Now be a partner of LKALLOY, a team of knowledgeable, multi-lingual individuals are always happy to help you.