What’s the spherical titanium powder industrial application?

Spherical titanium powders particular are silver-gray irregular metal powder in morphology and can also be magnetically screened or acid washed to remove any ferromagnetic contamination. These powders are characterized by its high strength, high corrosion resistance, widely used in a wide range of today’s most demanding markets such as aviation industry, aerospace industry, medical industry and ordinary industry. Do you know the industrial application of spherical titanium powder? Follow us to continue to read on!


Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy, as a kind of advanced technology of material processing, plays an important role in the field of titanium industry. The titanium powder metallurgy molding technology can be used to directly produce finished products or parts close to the size of finished products. This technology has the characteristics of reducing the consumption of raw materials, shortening the processing cycle, and saving 20% ~ 50% of the cost compared with the conventional process, especially in the automobile industry, near net forming technology of titanium powder metallurgy is important. In Japan, automobile powder metallurgy parts are widely used in engines and transmissions the box, including connecting rod, seat, valve, pulley, synchronizer gear hub, synchronous ring and other complex and demanding key parts. Metal powder injection molding (MIM) is a rapidly developed near net powder metallurgy technology, which can produce high quality, high precision and complex parts. At present more and more titanium injection molding products have been developed and applied.

Laser Molding

Laser forming combines laser, CAD/CAM technology and powder materials, can be used directly with spherical titanium powder to produce complex final parts which performance between casting and forging pieces, and cost reduction of 15% to 30%, delivery time shortened by 50% to 75%. Re-searchers at aeromet company in American use a laser molding process to process titanium alloy powder into precision parts, which reduces the waste by 80% compared with the traditional casting process, and greatly shortens the production time. In addition, the use of laser molding technology to prepare titanium porous and dense biomedical materials can save time and materials, achieve customized processing, to meet the personalized needs of medical materials.

Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying titanium layer technology is developed with the appearance of modern aviation and aerospace technology. At present, the commonly used methods of making titanium and titanium alloy coating include arc spraying, low-pressure plasma spraying, cold spraying, temperature spraying and other surface spraying technologies. Thermal spraying is mainly used to repair the workpiece defect parts, as well as high-temperature resistance, wear resistance and other parts of the protection and functional coating manufacturing. This process can reduce the production cost and make the surface of the workpiece obtain the required size and special properties, which not only solves the problem of titanium processing difficulties but also reduces the production cost by saving materials.


Titanium has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, titanium coating made of titanium powder has become a research hotspot in the coating industry. Titanium coating is widely used in food storage, petrochemical industry, ocean ships and other fields. The titanium coating mixed with nano – spherical titanium powder has excellent antistatic and antifouling properties. With the development of the application of spherical titanium powders, the demand for high purity, low cost and stable spherical titanium powders increase rapidly.